radis.misc.plot module

Created on Sat May 1 13:50:36 2021

@author: erwan

split_and_plot_by_parts(w, I, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Plot two discontinued arrays (typically a spectrum) without showing junctions: first identify junctions then split and plot separately.

Useful for plotting an experimental spectrum defined on different, non overlapping ranges without showing connecting lines between the ranges, or to plot an experimental spectrum defined on overlapping ranges, without showing connecting lines neither.


w, I (arrays) – typically output of hstack().

Other Parameters
  • split_threshold (int) – number of standard deviation for threshold. Default 10

  • ax (matplotlib axe) – plot on a particular axe

  • kwargs (dict) – forwarded to plot()

  • cutwings (int) – discard elements on the side. Default 0


Return type