radis.phys.units_astropy moduleΒΆ

convert_and_strip_units(quantity, output_unit=None, digit=10)[source]ΒΆ

Strips units and return the numerical value.

  • quantity (int or float or list or None or Quantity) – Numerical quantity. Pass it without including units if default units are intended.

  • output_unit (UnitBase or Quantity) – The default units in which the quantity is to be converted before extracting the value.

Other Parameters

round (int) – round to that number of digit after conversion. Default 10. Set to None to disable.


The numerical value extracted from quantity

Return type

int or float or None or ndarray


>>> convert_and_strip_units(4.5 * u.um, u.nm)
<<< 4500.0
>>> convert_and_strip_units(200000 * (u.m)**-1, 1/u.cm)
<<< 2000.0

TypeError – Raised when quantity is a astropy.units quantity and output_unit is None.