Line Survey

Plot details of every single line in a spectrum.

Uses the line_survey() function.


Generating cache file /home/docs/.astropy/cache/astroquery/Hitran/tempfile_CO2_1_2375.00_2405.00.h5 with metadata :
{'molecule': 'CO2', 'isotope': 1, 'wmin': 2375.0, 'wmax': 2405.0}
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HAPI version:
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ATTENTION: Python versions of partition sums from TIPS-2017 are now available in HAPI code

           It is free to use HAPI. If you use HAPI in your research or software development,
           please cite it using the following reference:
           R.V. Kochanov, I.E. Gordon, L.S. Rothman, P. Wcislo, C. Hill, J.S. Wilzewski,
           HITRAN Application Programming Interface (HAPI): A comprehensive approach
           to working with spectroscopic data, J. Quant. Spectrosc. Radiat. Transfer 177, 15-30 (2016)
           DOI: 10.1016/j.jqsrt.2016.03.005
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Calculating Equilibrium Spectrum
Physical Conditions
   Tgas                 1500 K
   Trot                 1500 K
   Tvib                 1500 K
   isotope              1
   mole_fraction        0.0004
   molecule             CO2
   path_length          100 cm
   pressure_mbar        1013.25 mbar
   rot_distribution     boltzmann
   self_absorption      True
   state                X
   vib_distribution     boltzmann
   wavenum_max          2400.0000 cm-1
   wavenum_min          2380.0000 cm-1
Computation Parameters
   Tref                 296 K
   broadening_max_width  10 cm-1
   broadening_method    fft
   cutoff               1e-27 cm-1/(
   dbformat             hitran
   dbpath               fetched from hitran
   dlm_log_pG           0.1375350788016573
   dlm_log_pL           0.20180288881201608
   folding_thresh       1e-06
   include_neighbouring_lines  True
   optimization         min-RMS
   parfuncfmt           hapi
   pseudo_continuum_threshold  0
   wavenum_max_calc     2405.0000 cm-1
   wavenum_min_calc     2375.0000 cm-1
   waveunit             cm-1
   wstep                0.01 cm-1
   zero_padding         -1
   db_use_cached        True
   export_lines         True
   load_energies        False
   lvl_use_cached       True
   total_lines          526
   warning_broadening_threshold  0.01
   warning_linestrength_cutoff  0.01
Spectrum calculated in 0.03s
463 lines

    'data': [{'name': 'linestrength',
              'text': array(['CO2[iso1] [R44](13`3`0 2)->(24`4`0 1)<br>int intensity at 296K: 7.39e-30  [cm-1/(molecule/cm-2)]<br>A Einstein A coefficient: 0.0303  [s-1]<br>El lower-state energy: 4.02e+03  [cm-1]',
                             'CO2[iso1] [R53](21`1`0 2)->(40`0`0 1)<br>int intensity at 296K: 3.19e-30  [cm-1/(molecule/cm-2)]<br>A Einstein A coefficient: 0.0915  [s-1]<br>El lower-state energy: 4.45e+03  [cm-1]',
                             'CO2[iso1] [P60](20`0`0 2)->(20`0`1 1)<br>int intensity at 296K: 1.26e-29  [cm-1/(molecule/cm-2)]<br>A Einstein A coefficient: 0.0576  [s-1]<br>El lower-state energy: 4.1e+03  [cm-1]',
                             'CO2[iso1] [R29](11`1`0 2)->(03`3`1 1)<br>int intensity at 296K: 4.15e-29  [cm-1/(molecule/cm-2)]<br>A Einstein A coefficient: 5.4e-05  [s-1]<br>El lower-state energy: 2.27e+03  [cm-1]',
                             'CO2[iso1] [R42](02`2`0 1)->(10`0`1 1)<br>int intensity at 296K: 9.58e-28  [cm-1/(molecule/cm-2)]<br>A Einstein A coefficient: 0.000285  [s-1]<br>El lower-state energy: 2.04e+03  [cm-1]',
                             'CO2[iso1] [P28](10`0`0 2)->(10`0`1 1)<br>int intensity at 296K: 1.6e-24  [cm-1/(molecule/cm-2)]<br>A Einstein A coefficient: 0.089  [s-1]<br>El lower-state energy: 1.6e+03  [cm-1]'],
              'type': 'bar',
              'width': 0.01,
              'x': array([2375.00810405, 2375.02844486, 2375.05483561, ..., 2404.60546944,
                          2404.66289277, 2404.95688594]),
              'y': array([1.30964736e-24, 3.11231198e-24, 3.01808914e-24, ..., 8.15765144e-27,
                          7.66020715e-26, 2.30337553e-23])},
             {'name': 'radiance',
              'type': 'scatter',
              'x': array([2381.15, 2381.16, 2381.17, ..., 2398.84, 2398.85, 2398.86]),
              'y': array([0.05518018, 0.05518586, 0.055188  , ..., 0.00011286, 0.00011203,
              'yaxis': 'y2'}],
    'layout': {'hovermode': 'closest',
               'showlegend': False,
               'template': '...',
               'title': {'text': 'Line Survey (1500K, 1.013bar, Mfrac=0.000)'},
               'xaxis': {'title': {'text': 'Wavenumber (cm-1)'}},
               'yaxis': {'range': [-26, -17],
                         'tickfont': {'color': '#1f77b4'},
                         'title': {'font': {'color': '#1f77b4'}, 'text': 'Linestrength (cm-1/(molecule/cm-2))'},
                         'type': 'log'},
               'yaxis2': {'overlaying': 'y',
                          'side': 'right',
                          'tickfont': {'color': '#ff7f0e'},
                          'title': {'font': {'color': '#ff7f0e'}, 'text': 'Radiance (mW/cm2/sr/nm)'},
                          'type': 'log'}}

from radis import calc_spectrum

s = calc_spectrum(
    path_length=100,  # cm
s.apply_slit(2, "nm")
s.line_survey(overlay="radiance", barwidth=0.01)

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