Load an experimental spectrum

Load an experimental spectrum stored as .spec (with units and metadata) using load_spec() (we could also have used plot_spec() directly !)

See more loading and post-processing functions on the Spectrum page.

plot experimental spectrum
Spectrum Name:  CO2_measured_spectrum_4-5um.spec
Spectral Quantities
   radiance     [µW/cm2/sr/nm]  (18,400 points)
Physical Conditions
Computation Parameters
   filename             12_StepAndGlue_30us_Cathode_30us_avg_spectra_stacked.txt
   filename_created     04/08/2017
   waveunit             nm
Config parameters

25.161498577151097 uW / (cm2 nm sr)

from radis.test.utils import getTestFile
from radis.tools.database import load_spec

my_file = getTestFile("CO2_measured_spectrum_4-5um.spec")  # for the example here

s = load_spec(my_file)

# Print all metadata:

# Or retrieve an information :
print(s.crop(4160, 4200, "nm").max())

Total running time of the script: (0 minutes 1.139 seconds)