Partition Functions from spectroscopic constants

RADIS can calculate equilibrium and non-LTE Partition Functions from a given set of spectroscopic constants using a Dunham expansion.

Calculations use the the PartFunc_Dunham class

Default spectroscopic constants and spectroscopic models used are given in default spectroscopic constants. You can also use your own set of spectroscopic constants.

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from radis.db.molecules import Molecules
from radis.levels.partfunc import PartFunc_Dunham

isotope = 1
electronic_state = "X"
S = Molecules["CO"][isotope][electronic_state]

# Equilibrium partition functions :
Qf = PartFunc_Dunham(S)
print(  # K

# Nonequilibrium partition functions :
print(Qf.at_noneq(Tvib=2000, Trot=1000))  # K

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